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Contribution of Higher Education to Individuals and Society: a Comprehensive Accounting

In 2018 we initiated the comprehensive research on higher education contributions that consist of two streams - Russian project and International comparative project. The research is conducted under the supervision of Prof. Simon Marginson, the Director of the Centre for Global Higher Education at University College London (CGHE UCL).

The Russian project will look at all of the contributions of higher education, with much empirical data assembled, collected and analysed. The research will map the field of available data in Russia, and conduct its own detailed empirical studies in a number of areas of contribution, including:

MICRO: individual-level economic and social outcomes, and the larger formative effects of higher education on individuals

MESO: the many contributions to cities and regions, and professions and occupations/employers, by different types of institutions;

MACRO: the collective contribution to Russia’s economy, society, politics, culture, etc.;

GLOBAL: the contribution to cross-border relations of Russia, and world as a whole.

Forthcoming events

June 9–15, 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia

VI International Summer School on higher education research

“Social and Economic Contribution of Higher Education”


Associated publications of HSE team members:

Cantwell, B., Marginson S., and Smolentseva A. (2018, forthcoming) High Participation Systems of Higher Education

Smolentseva A.Transformations in the knowledge transmission mission of Russian universities: social vs economic instrumentalism, in: Re-becoming universities? Critical Comparative Reflections on Higher Education Institutions in Networked Knowledge Societies. Springer, 2016.doi P. 169-200. doi

Leshukov O., Gromov A., Platonova D., Евсеева Д. Г.Assessment of the Contribution of Regional Higher Education Systems to the Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Regions / translation // Russian Education and Society. 2017. No. 59. P. 68-93

Egorov A., Leshukov O., Gromov A.THE ROLE OF UNIVERSITIES IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF RUSSIAN REGIONS / NRU Higher School of Economics. Series EDU "Education". 2017. No. 41.


The work team at HSE Moscow:

Anna Smolentseva

Leading research fellow at Institute of Education

Daria Platonova

Head of the Laboratory for University Development 

Daria Zinchenko

Research-intern at Laboratory for University Development




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