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25 Years of Transformations of Higher Education Systems in Post-Soviet Countries

In 2015 we started a large interdisciplinary international project on higher education transformation and institutional diversity in 15 former soviet republics. By today this project gathered together more than 35 researchers from all over the world who presented the results at the key international conferences. The book is coming in 2018. We also prepared an interactive timeline on higher education reforms and a special issue in HERB informational journal to make the results of the project more intelligible.

Collaborative comparative study: 15 country cases and the synthesizing papers

Case studies: similar research on each higher education system using available national data

Common methodology:

  • examine institutional landscape of higher education system in 1990 and 2015;
  • track the changes through framework of vertical and horizontal diversity;
  • grasp key policy reforms and environmental changes that frame modern HE landscape.

Approach & data:

  • (non-normative) universities classifications
  • quantitative research: institutional level data on HEIs’ characteristics and performance (student body, research performance etc.) comes from national statistical agencies and universities
  • qualitative research: interviews with universities’ management and policy-makers

 The book is coming in 2018!
For discount and more information on book download flyer:

Visualised timeline:
We developed the interactive timeline with the most significant events of higher education policy in post-Soviet countries on the basis of the book research. The timeline makes available to search the events by country, by dimension of change and by time period. The timeline is now at the draft stage, and we welcome all to review and contribute to further development of database.
See more here.

Forthcoming events:


The work team:

Project coordinators
Daria Platonova

Head of the Laboratory for University Development


Editors of the book

Anna Smolentseva

Leading Research Fellow at Institute of Education

Huisman Jeroen

Professor of Higher education at Centre for Higher Education, Ghent University Editor of Higher Education Policy and SRHE Higher education book series Chair of EAIR, Annual Forum Danube University Krems. 

Isak Froumin

Head of the Institute of Education


Developers of the Timeline


Zumrad Kataeva

Research Fellow at Institute of Education

Daria Platonova

Head of the Laboratory for University Development




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